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Show/Display Multiple InfoPath Views using InfoPath Form Web Part in SharePoint 2010

Hey Folks!!

I guess I have already answered your question (if you have searched it on search engines 😛 )

That is, How To Show/Display Multiple InfoPath Views?

A little bit of background, I had a requirement where I need to create an InfoPath form with some data.

The catch was, I should create two views, Manager & Employee, and I needed to show the multiple views with direct link to the page.

Usually, you can right click on model dialog page where InfoPath forms opens, right click & copy the URL and directly assign it the way you like it.

But the problem is the InfoPath form will show the tab to switch between the views, also I didn’t wanted the users to switch to the views anyhow.

So, the answer is to use InfoPath Form Web Part

To be continued….

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