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Few Facts About SharePoint 2010 Server Object Model

Few facts about SharePoint 2010 Server Object Model :

  • SPWeb : is a SharePoint Site
  • SPSite : is a SharePoint Site Collection
  • SPSiteCollection : is a collection of SPSite (Collection of Site Collection)


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SharePoint 2010 Developer Roadmap Hands-On Lab Virtual Machine

Hey Guys,

If you are starting your career as SharePoint 2010 Developer, you should definitely complete the SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Course.

While learning the course, you might have seen SharePoint 2010 Developer Roadmap Hands-on Labs which talks about some doing hands-on on some Virtual Machines, but  no where is the refrence to where to find or how to use the VM.

Finally, I also found the labs which were designed to use the Information Worker Virtual Machine located here on the MSDN download center.

Below is the video which will help understanding how to set up the Virtual Machines.

Setting Up a SharePoint Developer Virtual Machine


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SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search Training

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search Training

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