Exam 70-515 TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Hi Guys,

I’m preparing for Exam 70-515 TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

In this post, I’ll keep updating the materials, links, blogs, articles, etc which will help me as well as you guys to pass this exam.


I read through Niall Merrigan’s summary posts of MSDN and various articles pertaining to the exam:

Post 1 of 6: http://www.certsandprogs.com/2010/03/mcts-web-applications-net-4-70-515.html#axzz1TJvkBAhk

Post 2 of 6: http://www.certsandprogs.com/2010/03/mcts-web-applications-net-4-70-515_22.html#axzz1TJvkBAhk

Post 3 of 6: http://www.certsandprogs.com/2010/03/mcts-web-applications-net-4-70-515_5119.html#axzz1TJvkBAhk

Post 4 of 6: http://www.certsandprogs.com/2010/03/mcts-web-applications-net-4-70-515_7210.html#axzz1TJvkBAhk

Post 5 of 6: http://www.certsandprogs.com/2010/03/mcts-web-applications-net-4-70-515_23.html#axzz1TJvkBAhk

Post 6 of 6: http://www.certsandprogs.com/2010/03/mcts-web-applications-net-4-70-515_1117.html#axzz0oCblHj8M

Best of luck!


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2 responses to “Exam 70-515 TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4”

  1. Justin Cooney says :

    I’ve been reading about the 70-515 certification exam, and it looks like an interesting one to do. Thanks for posting these links to helpful resources!

  2. naimishpandya says :

    Thank you Justin! I’m really glad that you found the resources helpful 🙂


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