SharePoint 2010 Resources

Hi Guys,

Now a days I’m exploring SharePoint 2010 🙂

Here are the few resources links which might be useful for you:

Client Object Model:

Customizing MySites:

Designing Lists and Schemas:

Developing a BCS External Content Type with Visual Studio 2010:

Developing a Sandboxed Solution with Web Parts:

Developing a Visual Web Part in Visual Studio 2010:

Developing Business Intelligence Applications:

Enterprise Content Management:

Getting Started with SharePoint 2010:

LINQ to SharePoint 2010:

SharePoint 2010 User Interface Advancements:

Visual Studio SharePoint Tools:


Backup and Restore in SharePoint Server 2010:

Business Connectivity Services:

Business Continuity Management in SharePoint Server 2010:

Configuring Remote Blob Storage FILESTREAM Provider for SharePoint Server 2010:

Configuring Tenant Administration on SharePoint Server 2010:

Configuring User Profile Synchronization in SharePoint Server 2010:

Enterprise Search:

Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Upgrade:

Monitoring SharePoint 2010:

New IT Pro Features in SharePoint Server 2010:

Performance Management:

Windows PowerShell and SharePoint 2010:

SharePoint Designer for IT Pros:

SharePoint RTM – IT PRO – Business Continuity Management:

SharePoint RTM – IT PRO – Installing and Configuring:

SharePoint RTM – IT PRO – Service Applications:

SharePoint RTM – IT PRO – Upgrade:

Thanks and Have fun!!!!!


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